Sunday, November 25


Because my heart is too fragile and Im afraid I will crying once again , I think I better stop those sweet conversations , stop dreaming and stop thinking about you Aiman aaaaaaaa. Sorry for making all of miserables sorry for keep on dreaming of you and sorry for falling in love with your kindness and loving eveything about you . Because I get jealous seeing you tweeting with other girls and Im afraid to open up your Twitter profile and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa because I scared I will crying again . You ramai orang minat cuma you taktaw jadi janganlaa sia siakan peluang yang ada . Im leaving from your life and just don't worry , I takkan cari Afiq lagi . Swear to myself cause Afiq pun ada orang minat , jadi kenapa I nak kacau hidup you dua orang yang orang lain minat lama lagi daripada I ? I akan duduk sini dan buat nothing , tunggu you ceritakan your sweet memories with your new girlfriend other than me , asking you whether are you happy with your life or not , and if you say yes , nvm , I'll go . Take care dekat kem nanti , will miss you D: