Sunday, November 4


It is  4th of November and I think I don't late isn't to wish Happy November? Teheee . So yeah , it almost one month I didn't blogging yknow cause I'm busy all the time with those study thingy and now , I am freedom! :D PMR started on 9th October and ended up on 15th October . It's almost 3 weeks I think I haven't studied like I've had before? Gahhhhhhhhhh and I miss my schedule before PMR seriously . I swear I will never forget all of the memories I've had! Having fights with bestfriends , break up with someone , been betrayed and been cheated , crying without no reasons , falling in love with someone others and having a fighting with him until now on . My PMR is........good actually no Im lied . I did cried after I've answered my Geography papers and............Idk what will my real results is . Is it good ? O_O . Well why cant we just stopped talking about that mueheheheh . Ive got a lot to tell you my dearest blog but I think I need to off now cause my body doesnt feel good soo ttyl love you muah :)