Friday, December 14


I was thinking to move on or specifically , change to new ME . Because I realize , I am worst before this and for this new year , I think I should leaving all the things I shouldn't do . Bro this is what we call "azam baru" eh? Lol wtv . I adore these 2 blogs idk why but I just love their post . Its like we are in the same shoes (maybe) One & Two . Click for more !! Haha sorry to the owners for stalking you ;) And.....results will coming out this 19 . feelings are mixed and I dont know what am I feels right now...To get 8A is one of my dreams but wait , what if I.......didn't get that 8A's? Who to blame for?Me of course.....:[ Lately I've been dreaming of something weird . Don't know what kind of it but I this is sign from The Almighty ask me to change?! But tbh , I just dont know how to start from . Its okay I'll try slow by slow......urmphhh talking about 12/12/12 , which is the 'nice' date of the year , I made something special yeay me!!!! No....I gave someone Barbie's picture as the birthday present . Although the birthday is long time ago but still , I hope you appreciate it . And....I think I will updating soon if only my results are straight A's ok ;p haha do pary for me and see you later . Assalamualaikum!!! : D

p/s : Jaga diri Kak Nana . Love you always : *