Wednesday, December 5


If I could go back in time , what will I do for myself ?

I want to deactivate my Facebook and Twitter account . Or I would love my life if I dont have these 2 accounts . I admit . 
I want to have someone I will look for to share my problems with , asking opinions from and doing crazy things with . Im on my way I guess? No I lied . Who wants me? LOL
I want to have a diary to write all the things that happened to me everyday and I can read them once I free , umphhh :(
To be honest , I dont want to be in a relationship . at all . but things had happened . Theres nothing to be regret . Past is past.....but yeah so far , my friendship with my ex is good . Not so good really . Ill make a post about it wait yaa
I want to.........fulfill all of my wishlist . Things I've waited so long , but yet , theres nothing come true? Who to blame for ? Myself and I ofcourse
To win people heart isn't that easyy........I agreed . Cause sometimes I do tired with stupid argue I had with others . Maybe I should change urmphhh I'll think about it
Keep my good moments with my lovelies (classmates , bestfriends , someone , haters and so on) in a private album . Cheering myself with them sometimes make me happy . Thankyou guys&girls for the moments we had together . Swear , 2012 is the best year I  ever had!
Changing myself to a better person..........

Seems like I got a lot of things to do so urmphh.....wait for the next post heh toodles!