Wednesday, January 1


Its 2minutes to 1st Jan of 2014 and finally i got the chances to update my blog!!!!!!! Welll ive been busy lately....w the school preparations and all those stuffs,finally ive got some time to write in here whoops! Well its 1200 am & hppy 2014!!!!!!!!!! Wish u to be the best year ever since its my last year schooling & hoping me to be more optimistic and left those negative thinking behind and bad habits and so-crying-very-emotionally-everytime and keep crushing shanaaz?? Eh hahaha lol wtv well tq 2013 fr being shittiest year ive ever had , those bad memories that keep on haunting me and the saddest part is , Najwa Shaffie is moving out to another school and i did succesfully failed in addmath&physics once...badasssss T_T well act i got lots of more to be told but yeah ive to sleep early so ttyl. Till we meet again & happy new year 2014!!!! Pls let me to be happy like 2012 ok? Love u! 😃😍😘🎉❤️💐👌