Saturday, June 7

not cool

to not bear from any sadness.....i just cannot.....yea that feel to be exact the indescribable feelings stab my heart to the deep wth aku tulis.......lets done with this........sabar jap benda lagi 4bulan setengah je...aku pegang 4bulan setengah ni je pastu we are done mates.....u do ur own and ill do mine...series never thought I'll be the mangsa...or mungkin aku yang salah....yalls never go wrong yalls are very right one....yea yea go on with that ur coolio gang i am not giving a fuck and forever not giving a fuck dear mafakasss :-) g lah dengan geng2 mu yang super hot tolongla.....*~* so tbh am bored at saying bad things to people sbbi realized that those things doesnt give out anything good pun infact they are karma...they might come to me back anywhere anytime aku pun xtaw ha ha ha....  ....  I'll try to used with this upcoming situation tah harap2 tak nangisla......allah tolong aku...........😭😭 jgn cita lanjut pasal benda ni i want to get rid out of the school so fast!!!!! relax yalls can go on with this hating thingy and let me focus on my trial and get those ipod and have a selfie with aiman and focus VERRRYY HAARRDDD again on my spm and do the best ive ever could mcm dulu buat pmr smooth je idea skrg ): am bad at most of things hu huhu........kimia yg i love the most pun i manage to get 54% je on a so bodo.......... . .. . . Tp rasa lagi bodo kot kalau makin dok cakap pasal org bukan bg benefit pun....baikla selfie dengan aiman lagi bagus kot rasa.....atau finish all the novels......and learnt very good lesson from it and try to practice in my serenity life ^^ wouldnt it be so much more betterrrr???? I guess sooo okkkk am going to sleep right now talk to you later~ thankyou semua yang ada masa aku betul2 susah cant never repay you guys back i swear 😔