Sunday, May 12


its been awhile i havent updated my blog wuargh.......sorry for the laziness hahaha . so here i am on 2:42 am infront of the laptop while watching sejarah bab3 tingkatan 4 my mid year has just started on last wednesdaaay!!!!!! T_T and yey this is me study at the elevent hour...........hurrr hurrr whattodo im not good in memorizing all the facts if im studying early so i just think it of to study at last minute wahahaha. no wait this remind me of pmr last year.....i dont sleep for whole day!!!!! cz im busy memorizing this zzzz -_- wuarghhh y mahasin is so lazy todaaay..................ngantuknyerz......and today i will be going to answer my bm 1 and bm 2 papers.....SHITZZZ I HAVENT READ ANYTHING T_T . forgot to tell but today is MOTHERS DAYYYY!!!!!!! WEHUUUUUUUU. jap nak bagi per kat ma..............nak beli emas mmg xmampu dah ha ha jadi nak bagi per ni kat keputusan yg elok untuk mid term ni?!!!!??? tak janji sbb skrg pun tgoklerrrr im wasting my time by updating this blog......nvm mahasin u can do it . believe in urself i know u can do it !!!! if malaysia can y u cant?!!!?!! (takder kene mengener punz) ahaks so far my life is good.......and i think april is just not my month cz too much stupid things happenend on me but thank god it doesnt occur for too long and tadaaa!!! may is operating now ahaksss <3 so far im loving may cz it works well and hoing fr the best it will working well till the end of the month !! enough with that and goodluck to me for tomorrow exams :)